For homes that can’t be fitted with central heating and cooling options, ductless mini-split systems are an innovative solution.

Many homes in Northern Virginia weren’t built with the necessary wall voids to install duct systems for central air. Until now, homeowners were limited to unsightly and loud heating and cooling options.

Mini-split systems are highly efficient can be placed just about anywhere and won’t block windows or floor space used by window air conditioners or space heaters. And they are remarkable quiet!

They can also be used in sunrooms, bonus rooms and that hard to condition area above a garage.

At TwinTech, we’ve been installing ductless mini-split systems in Northern Virginia for 30+ years.

We specialize in Daikin brand ductless mini-split systems because the product is reliable and flexible. They offer single zone and multi-zone systems. This makes finding a solution to your heating and cooling needs a breeze!

Proper placement and installation of this type of heating and cooling solution will add comfort and value to your home.

We’d love to show you how a ductless mini-split system could work in your home.

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