In Northern Virginia, we face a number of airborne pollens and pollutants that can cause respiratory and other health issues.

To reduce these irritants in your home, electronic air cleaners are the ultimate solution.

At TwinTech, we’ve been installing electronic air cleaners in Northern Virginia for 30+ years.

We specialize in Aprilaire brand because of their efficiency and reliability.

Most air cleaners lose approximately 70% of their efficiency after just a few weeks. This means that you must clean the unit every 30 days to keep the system operational.

Aprilaire offers a 4-inch thick media filter that last 6 months to a year—depending on the usage and conditions.  When we install your air cleaning system, be sure to ask about our maintenance packages. We’ll bring new filters to your home on a set schedule and replace your old filter.

Proper placement, installation and maintenance of this type of product will add comfort and value to your home.

We’d love to show you how an electronic air cleaning system could work in your home. And be sure to ask us about our lower-cost media filter option.

Let’s Talk About Your Options

Call us, or fill out our form for a free in-home estimate. Our experienced technicians (never a sales person) will come to your home and explain how the system will work, identify optimal placement and provide a complete estimate.

TwinTech LLC is a family-owned business and is fully licensed and insured.

Most installations only take one day and won’t require any preparation or cleanup on your part!

Important Note: Some electronic air cleaners may contain or produce ozone. Those with ozone sensitivity should consult their doctor and notify their technician to explore alternatives.

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